Mark Seymour – Jo Land


Version Length Source Availability
Live 3:45 Mark Seymour Live At The Basement video. Moderately rare. Not available new.
Studio (demo) 3:06 2001 Demos (CD). The Vault digital download at True Believers for 8 September 2015.

Recommended Version.



Jo Land is about Queensland.



Nomads on the nature strip in the pouring rain
They’re leaving in the morning and they won’t be back again
Rumours of paradise, those empty beaches look so nice
And everybody’s moving now to Jo land
It’s paradise in Jo land

A little bit of everything, they got the balance right
Mother nature’s majesty in the golden night
They build it up and tear it down
They drive that beast to the ground
And everybody’s happiness
Jo land

So civilised in Jo land
The only way to be
So simple and so free

I’m just an ordinary man
You can watch the angry beasts of love

Find a place to hide your soul
You can have complete control
And everything you see
And all you wait to be
Jo land

It’s paradise in Jo land
With all you’re waiting to be
So empty and so free
Jo land

Jo land