Jack Howard – The Dog Sat Staring


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Studio  3:49 Jack Howard The Inverloch Tapes album. Moderately common. Available new in digital form.
Live 3:47 Jack Howard The Story So Far video. Moderately common. Available new in CD/DVD form. N/A

 Recommended Version.






The dog sat staring
At a point beyond the walls
And she’d been like that all day

Like a compass stuck on south-west
Pretension was magnetised
Like a scene from Poltergeist

I started to listen
To those noises of the night
I kept my baseball bat closed at hand

Suddenly the sprinkler sprung into action
At the same time the security lights burst on

And still the dog didn’t waver
His language to designs
I was yet to decipher

Think man think recall that final conversations
Oh won’t you think man think
Recall that final conversation

Just as I was about to drift off
Mirrors on edge
A shadow crept by

A knock on my window, rattle the keys
A kiss and a curse
It’s me, it’s me