Hunters and Collectors – Desert Where Her Heart Is


Version Length Source Availability
Studio  4:05 Demon Flower album. Extremely common. Available new in CD and digital form.
Live 3:42 1993 08 07 Prince of Wales, St Kilda, Soundcheck T2 Cassette. The Vault digital download at True Believers, 6 November 2016.

 Recommended Version.






In another life I saw her
Struggling with demons she didn’t understand
She searched for her lifeline
But every room she entered was like a foreign land
Through other people’s houses
As unfamiliar as the palm of her hand
The love that she dreamed of… she struggled to understand

But she’s making her way
Across the plains and the cities of the night
It’s somewhere in the centre of her
She’s craving the secret, she always returns
To the desert where her heart is

Way out in the back blocks she’s looking for a sign
It was the crime of the century
She chewed at the trap… tried to leave the past behind

But there’s laughter inside her
Hear it echo in the hills all around
Somebody’s watching her
See the tiny footprints she leaves on the ground

But she’s making her way
Across the plains and the cities of the night
She’s searching for love
It lies somewhere ‘neath the wide open sky
But a jealous god is watching her
As the clouds descend in her mind
Don’t stand in the way of her
Or you’ll find yourself sharing the rations of despair
In the desert where her heart is

Oh the slow passing of time
Can anything stand in its way?
Only her story and her laughter will last
In the desert where her heart is

Voices all around her are calling her home
Nobody can stop her now
Somebody saw her just the other day
She was running late again
She was draggin’ her feet
Though peace of mind was waiting at the corner of the street…