Do Not Approach

Mark Seymour update from Melbourne – with some great tips.

Author: Mark Seymour.

Date: 7 October 2020.

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As if from another time, we’ve included a pic of our drummer Peter Maslen, guarding the gear outside Launceston Airport. Probably about a year ago.

From memory, the process ran as follows. The lads would collect gear from the carousel, trolley it to an agreed location outside the terminal where a designated band member, in this case ‘Mazzy’, would keep watch while someone else wrangled the rental van, drove it back to where the gear was, loaded it up and from there we’d head to the hotel or directly to the gig, depending on the time.

Clearly our man has no intention of letting anyone near our stuff.

“Do not approach.”

But even thinking about how this now, feels completely strange and impossible even though we know that normal life will eventually resume in one form or another. But one way or another, you can guarantee one thing:

Musicians will still need to load their gear.

Down here in Vic we’ve been in lockdown for so long, playing live music seems like an impossible dream, even though it looks like we’re finally crawling out of the hole we’ve been in for so long.

It’s been a challenge for all. There’s no doubt about that.

We released the album ‘Slow Dawn’ shortly before the virus arrived and very quickly realised we had to adapt. Performing songs online, posting videos, the lads recording remotely from their respective households and playing to what is referred to in the trade as

‘time code’..

One thing we’ve learned though. And it’s probably the oldest line in the book: You make your own luck.

Which continues.

‘Slow Dawn’ has been pressed to vinyl but the boxes are waiting at the plant on the other side of town, which means for those of you who’ve ordered their copy, there will be a delay, for obvious reasons, though I’m very pleased to have been given permission to travel..

Said boxes will be collected and dealt with in the appropriate manner with the help of Australia Post.

We just filmed and recorded the entire album ‘Slow Dawn” at the Forum Theatre, here in Melbourne. It’s currently in post-production.

With one very special Guest, Missy Higgins.

We’ll have it to you soon.

Stay with us..


Yours in solidarity

Mark Seymour