Mark Seymour – The Ones That Got Away


Version Length Source Availability
Studio  3:46 Mark Seymour Slow Dawn album. Moderately common. Available new in digital form.

 Recommended Version.



Country town, Victoria. Kelly Country, flat, dry and desolate. Wangaratta summer time. The ghosts of stolen horses running in the twilight and the history of lawlessness amongst the Irish who settled the land in the North west. Golden light sparkling on river red gums along the banks of the Murray and the dreams of ageing locals who remember the young ones who escaped the emptiness.



Down empty roads through barren towns
The sun beats like a drum
Old men dwell on bitter news
Gossip in the sun

People live on borrowed time
Dogs are bound to stray
And out along the river
They talk about the ones who got away

Little Kate remembers
A lover’s lonely kiss
Rumours ran amok
Like stolen horses in the mist

She still rides her pony
And wishes life away
Dares to dream of nothing
Talks about the ones who got away

Little soldier standing to
Attention in the rain
Lonely farmers dream of love
And try to bear the strain

School boys talk of darkness
Girls pretend to pray
The old men stare at nothing
And dream about the ones who got way