Mark Seymour – Night Driving


Version Length Source Availability
Studio  4:28 Mark Seymour Slow Dawn album. Moderately common. Available new in digital form.

 Recommended Version.



Bell Street Pascoe Vale on a Sunday night, the road bathed in hard yellow streetlight. Driving to escape, to think and calm down. I see a body lying in the middle of the road, one arm rising as I approach, twitching as if maimed, maybe a hit and run.

Cars ahead slow down, then move ‘round it.

I pull over. Someone has to. I run towards it, a woman, maybe early 30’s, dressed up, fresh from a party. I call out as I approach. A man runs out from a nearby gateway, lifts her up bodily from under the shoulders and half drags her to the side of the road. He sees me and yells, “Don’t worry mate. She’s an epileptic.” I ask her directly to confirm, while he props her up against the fence. “Are you an epileptic?” I say, looking directly into her eyes. She nods. The man thanks me and I leave.

I never forgot the cars though, slowing to look, then moving on.

Don’t get involved.



Late last night I was out night drivin’
Crawlin’ like a hungry ghost
FM kissed in the yellow mist
No particular place to go
And I howled in the darkness, I howled into the light
“Do not go gently now into that goodnight”

Night drivin’… All Night drivin’

The fog touched down in that tear-drop town
West of her majesty’s gaol
Saw a hit and run shadow lyin’ in the road
By the lights of Pascoe Vale

Tail lights weavin’, the conga line was half asleep
Saw an arm wavin’ in the road ahead
I was on the edge of my seat

Night drivin’… All night drivin’

Hold my hand little sister
You don’t have to swing for the crime
Murder in the 3rd degree
Hold my hand little sister
You don’t have to burn so brigh
Tonight the ride’s on me

The radio was tender, the song was bitter sweet
Who’s gonna save the quick and the wounded
When everybody’s dead on their feet?

The cold air hit me, I staggered in the yellow light
I opened the door and a voice cried out, “Baby are you alright?”
Night drivin’… All Night drivin’