Hunters and Collectors – Mark Seymour Interview

Interview with Mark Seymour prior to the Red Hot Summer Tour

Author:  The Tradie.

Date: 14 March 2020.

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The Red Hot Summer Tour celebrates 10 years of Red Hot Rock in 2020 and in true style, organisers have put together an incredible all Australian line-up for a massive four-month series of dates. In an incredible coup for music-fans, ARIA Hall of Fame inductees Hunters & Collectors are reuniting to headline the 2020 tour, bringing with them special guests James Reyne, The Living End, The Angels, Baby Animals, Killing Heidi and Boom Crash Opera.

With over 1200 gigs, over 1,000,000 albums sold, 19 hit singles and 16 hit albums, Australian rock band Hunters and Collectors is going to make a splash among fans this summer. Formed in Melbourne in 1981, the Hunna’s became central to Australian culture through their distinctive brass rock sound and rigorous touring of the pub circuit. Disbanding in 1998, they left behind great memories and an impressive back catalogue.

Q. The Red Hot Summer Tour is coming up. Where are you most looking forward to playing?

Probably Mannum for the riverside views.

Q. And the line-up is epic. Which other talent will join you on tour?

A. It is. There will be Boom Crash Opera, Killing Heidi, Baby Animals, The Angels, The Living End, and the right Honourable James Reyne.

Q. This event celebrates a decade of live rock music at the tour. Tell us how your passion for rock music began for you?

A. My passion for rock music began when I first heard ‘Ramble Tumble’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival in Year 10 English at Banyule High School in 1972 during Carol Leggett’s class assignment presentation of ‘Cosmo’s Factory’. It was a definitely a life changing experience. Thanks Carol!

Q. Major inspiration sources often evolve, but who do you value most in terms of other artists?

A. I am currently listening to Bobby Womack.

Q. How do you and the rest of H&C prepare for a tour?

A. We practice the songs, over and over again at high volume, with idle chat in between. We have breaks every 30 minutes for shortness of breath with cups of hot tea and a big box of Arnott’s’ assorted creams!

Q. What will we hear from you at the tour – the classics, something new?

A. Definitely the classics. Nothing new. The set is also populated by some big early songs some punters may not be familiar with but, as I always say, when confronted with the unfamiliar, it pays to relax and bend the knees. A bit like surfing, really.

Q. Tell us about your absolute favourite H&C track…

A. Probably “Back in the Hole”, a real dirge of a thing, it’s definitely not a classic. It is a very blue and heavy tale of a bloke coming unstuck on the weekend because his job sucks. It is very relatable and human. Actually, they’re all about identity crises of one sort or another, except this one arrived quite late in the piece which makes it all the more interesting for slipping under the radar.

Q. Do you all still get together to make or enjoy music?

A. No is the short answer, but they’re still the loveliest bunch of blokes you’re ever likely to meet.

Q. Music aside, what else have you been up to lately?

A. Well, music actually, I just recorded an album “Slow Dawn”.

The Red Hot Summer Tour is on from January to April 2020. To see the full schedule, go to