Jack Howard – I Have The Place To Myself (An Ode To Cicciolina)


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Studio  4:24 Jack Howard Bathrobe Beats EP. Moderately common. Available new in digital form.

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Number 3 in my Bathrobe Beats series, concocted during the great self-isolation of early 2020. An ode to Cicciolina Restaurant in St. Kilda.



A golden light
This afternoon
On my way
Home from work
Table for one
The place is quiet
The distant hum
of the kitchen

I have the place to myself
And the light pours in on me
A simple peace, a secret kept
Deep inside

The memories
Come flooding back
The baby boy
Joyous laughs shared around

But the spring of 98
Was the year of my undoing
A final parting turned to drunken tears and pain

This place has seen it all
Naked truth and naked walls
This place has heard it all before

Wednesday nights
The winter’s cold
A seat at the bar
Body and soul
Speaking low
We’re speaking love
Time to have and to hold

We have the place to ourselves
And the light pours out of you
I thank my lucky stars
For my good fortune