Various Artists – Red Hot Summer Tour 2020

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Red Hot Summer Tour (cover)


A collection of hits from performers at the 2020 Red Hot Summer Tour sold at the concerts.

Released In: [Australia / NZ].

Release Date: 4 January 2020.

Australian Chart Position:  N/A (ARIA).

Availability: Moderately rare. Available new in 3CD form.

Value: A$15-A$30.


Track Listing(s)


 Highly recommended track.
 Commercial single.
 Promotional single.


Version: Bloodlines Records Australian three CD album.

CD 1 Album length: 60 minutes, 47 seconds.

ReplayGain loudness: -9.92dB (2020).


1. Throw Your Arms Around Me 
2. Holy Grail 
3. Do You See What I See?
4. When The River Runs Dry 
5. True Tears of Joy 
6. Blind Eye 
7. Say Goodbye 
8. Where Do You Go? 
9. Everything’s On Fire 
10. The Slab (Betty’s Worry) 


11. Prisoner of Society
12. White Noise
13. All Torn Down
14. Roll On
15. Second Solution


CD 2 Album length: 76 minutes, 29 seconds.

ReplayGain loudness: -8.98dB (2020).


1. Reckless
2. The Boys Light Up
3. Oh No Not You Again
4. Five Miles Closer To The Sun
5. Motors Too Fast
6. Harvest Moon
7. Daughters of the Northern Coast
8. Some People
9. Slave
10. Day in the Sun


11. Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again
12. I Ain’t The One
13. Comin’ Down
14. Take A Long Line
15. After The Rain
16. Marseilles
17. Be With You


CD 3 Album length: 67 minutes, 50 seconds.

ReplayGain loudness: -10.73dB (2020).


1. One Word
2. Early Warning
3. Rush You
4. Tonight
5. Ain’t Gonna Get
5. How Do I Make You


6. Onion Skin
7. The Best Thing
8. Dancing in the Storm
9. Great Wall
10. Hands Up in the Air
11. Get Out of the House
12. Bettadaze


13. Weir
14. Mascara
15. Superman, Supergirl
16. I Am
17. Outside Of Me


Original studio source of the songs on this compilation album:





Liner Notes

Red Hot Summer Tour 2020

We are thrilled to be celebrating 10 years of the Red Hot Summer Tour in 2020 with a Red Hot Rock line-up. We started the tour in 2011 with three artists on the bill and six shows throughout Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. Our dream was to bring a great quality festival experience to music fans outside of the capital city arenas. We are so honoured that this tour has grown to include Queensland, Tasmania, Western Australia and the Northern Territory with more than 20 shows. The past 10 years have gone past so fast and we have been so proud to see the Red Hot Summer Tour continue to grow each ear. The support we have received from audiences has been phenomenal. To everyone who has attended a Red Hot Summer Tour over the last decade, THANK YOU. You are the reason we do what we do. You are the reasons we will continue to bring you the best quality music experience every year. Thank you to all the artists who have toured the country with us. And a special thank you to our magnificent staff, families, and suppliers who have been a part of helping make the Red Hot Summer Tour great over the years. LET THERE BE ROCK!

Duane McDonald, Promoter


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