Jack Howard – All My Saturdays


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Studio  3:46 Jack Howard Reliving Life to the Full album. Moderately common. Available new in digital form.

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Jack comments from the Reliving Life to the Full album:

An outtake from My Lucky Day sessions, we never quite nailed it. Good song just short of the mark. Barry drenched it in fuzz bass but to no avail. Nicky Del Rey (the riffmeister) on guitar, Barry Stockley on bass (and co-producing), Sharky Ramos on drums, Russ Davis on French horn, Dave Mowat on trombone.



Nine long days since I heard any word at all
I checked the phones, I checked the flights
No-one like that on board
Left nothing behind, no messages on the phone
Not even a lipstick trace that I can call mine

It’s a mystery to me
I didn’t see the signs
Cafe talk making sense, the MataHari line
No records at all, just numbers in her head
Not even a photograph to tear into pieces

Now all my Saturdays are free
See the bands I want to see and the radio is near
And when Sunday comes around
Sunday morning coming down

There’s been talk along the street
That she’s back on the scene
Her favourite haunts and coffee shops
Neither heard nor seen

She’s in with a new crowd
Don’t travel with the old
Not even a lipstick trace that I can call mine
Or the shadow of a smile

Now all my Saturdays…