Red Hot Summer

A brief announcement from Mark Seymour on the start of the Hunters and Collectors tour with Red Hot Summer.

Author:  Paul Cashmere, Noise11.

Date: 3 January 2020.


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Hunters and Collectors are about to head out across the country.

First Stop Bendigo this Saturday.

Rehearsals have been overshadowed by the worst bushfire season on record.

Right now there are many Australians in small towns and rural communities, some we will pass through, living with the prospect of imminent fire threat, knowing there are many more hot days to come..

There are stories of Fire fighters who lost their lives in harm’s way, ordinary people driven onto beaches and football ovals, homes destroyed in their hundreds.

There have been many times in our history when Australians have faced up to a crisis with courage and dignity.

Until now the worst of them have arrived as a threat from the outside world.

Not anymore. The land we live on is turning against us.

We all know why.

Mother nature is making her case loud and clear.

When we confront threats such as this, when we stand together to protect each other, when we are driven by circumstance to acts of great courage, the best in us rises up.

Our firefighters are at the hard end of this.

Respect needs to be shown.

We honour their work.

Australian Summer has changed. The federal government needs to embrace this change and bring Australian society into the post Carbon world.

There needs to be a robust non-partisan discussion.

Australians are ready.