Guess Who is on Q&A?

Mark on Q&A

Mark Seymour is appearing on the ABC television programme Q&A this coming Monday, the 27th of March 2017. The broadcast will be streamed live from Monday 9:35pm AEST.

Fellow panelists this week are Bridget McKenzie, National Party Senator for Victoria; Amanda Rishworth, Shadow Minister for Veterans Affairs and Defence Personnel; Peter Holmes à Court, Businessman and safari operator; and Kerry Chikarovski, Former State Liberal leader.

Mark gives us the heads up…

I’ll be appearing on the ABC’s Q&A panel on Monday the 27th March in Sydney.

I will also be closing out the show performing “Master of Spin” from my new album “Roll Back the Stone”.

If you’re available from 8.30 on the night you can register to be a part of the studio audience at the link below.

More information on the upcoming show can be viewed at the ABC Website.

And for the haterz — best go for the Facebook; posts here are moderated 🙂

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