Throw Your Arms Around Me 1990

Source: Collected Works (1990 Aus CD release).

The final recorded studio audio version of Throw Your Arms Around Me has long been out of print but is still often heard on the radio… a fitting way to finish off our Vault series, which started back in July 2012 following the generous opening of the archives by Rob Miles with John Archer and Jack Howard’s assistance. The number still amazes – 238 separate audio tracks. While the Vault may be closed, thankfully the band will be back for a gig early next year… 🙂

Click here to download in ZIP format (FLAC and mp3).

We cannot provide a SoundCloud link as SoundCloud has repeatedly rejected our right to publish our own track (!).

SoundCloud Fail

SoundCloud Fail

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4 Responses to “Throw Your Arms Around Me 1990”

  1. Stephen says:

    I’m going to miss the Vault. It’s been amazing to have been lucky to enough to have heard so many wonderful unreleased tracks. Now that it’s over, I can sort out the tracks into my own interpretations of what their ‘lost’ albums may have sounded like. There’s certainly enough for a new album to lie between Cut and Demon Flower and one between The Fireman’s Curse and the Jaws of Life.

    Great job Stuart and thanks for sharing the love.
    See you at a Hunnas gig one day.

  2. Don says:

    I’m going to miss the vault too. Living in North America I didn’t get exposed to much of your music. The first Hunters song I heard was Back on the Breadline in the late 1980s. The song received a lot of air play on MTV. I fell in love with your music and went out and bought the Fate album. As far as I can tell nothing else was ever released here, but I never forgot about you. Not until YouTube and Facebook was I able to hear more of your music. My wife and I especially love Throw Your Arms Around Me. We think of it as “our song.”

    The vault tracks have been a special treat. I have a nice collection of your music now.

    Thank you for all the great music.

  3. mylene says:

    Loved lots of it especially The Way to Go Out (takes). If any Aussie album deserves a deluxe edition it’s that one.

  4. Bill Clarke says:

    I now have 236 tracks in one monster album. Woohoo!
    Thanks for your hard work Stuart. I really appreciate it.