Epic Brass Set List

Jack Howard & Epic Brass
Memo Music Hall, 2 Albert Street, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia
9 July 2016

A number of rare Hunters songs included – even the unreleased Rendering Room from 1981!

Includes guest appearances by Barry Palmer, Doug Falconer and John Archer.

Set #1:
Swing For the Crime (The Saints)
Sometimes (Laughing Clowns)
I Couldn’t Give It To You (Hunters & Collectors)
Sailor’s Dream (Wet Taxis)
Nick the Stripper (The Birthday Party) – vocals Penny Ikinger
The Feel (X) – vocals Steve Lucas
Don’t Cry No Tears (X) – vocals Steve Lucas
Cold Cold Change (Midnight Oil)
Preacher From the Black Lagoon (Models) – vocals Sean Kelly
Talking to a Stranger (Hunters & Collectors) – vocals Sean Kelly

Set #2:
Blind Eye (Hunters & Collectors)
Best of Both Worlds (Midnight Oil)
Who’s Watching Who (Jackson Code) – vocals Jack & Fiona Lee Maynard
Say Goodbye (Hunters & Collectors) – vocals Fiona Lee Maynard
Losing My Mind (Jack Howard)
Eternally Yours (Laughing Clowns) – vocals Ron Peno
D.C. (Died Pretty) – vocals Ron Peno
Tow Truck (Hunters & Collectors)
The Power and the Passion (Midnight Oil) – vocals Jack and Fiona Lee Maynard
Die Yuppie Die (Painters & Dockers) – vocals Paul Stewart
Know Your Product (The Saints) – vocals Paul Stewart

Beds Are Burning (Midnight Oil) – vocals Jack & Fiona Lee Maynard
Rendering Room (Hunters & Collectors)
Holy Grail (Hunters & Collectors)


(Thanks to Brucey at The Fall online forum for linking the songs to the artists!)

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3 Responses to “Epic Brass Set List”

  1. Stephen Scott says:

    What a great set. Were the tracks without vocalists sung by Jack?
    And of course the big question. Was it recorded?


  2. Stuart says:

    The answer is yes re Jack’s vocals; and I suspect it was recorded… but am not completely sure at this stage!

    There is now an also an Epic Brass Facebook to keep track of things… https://www.facebook.com/epicbrass/?fref=ts

  3. Stuart says:

    Jack’s recent Facebook posts make it clear it was indeed recorded! And more shows to follow!