Talking To A Stranger live 1982

Source: 1982 08 01 Tivoli, Adelaide, Australia T2 Cassette

Here’s a slightly different, raw early live recording of Talking To A Stranger to brighten your post-Christmas/Festivus condition. This was a request from Jeff and Stephen!

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5 Responses to “Talking To A Stranger live 1982”

  1. Trevor says:

    Sounded awesome through my Mackie MK1 speakers at 100 Db…you guys get better every year cheers trevor

  2. John says:

    I wonder how the rythym section reacted to Mark’s suggestion?

  3. Clint O says:

    I tried downloading the zipfile. The mp3 is truncated to 5:14. Did anyone else see that?

  4. Stuart says:

    Hi Clint – thanks for the note there – I have re-uploaded the file. It should be good now.

  5. Clint O says:

    Thanks for updating. I did convert the FLAC into m4a using a free program on MacOS called XLD. It uses the internal audio libraries so if the FLAC is good, it will generate great output similar to what iTunes does.

    So, has anyone documented the difference in the lyrics between this version and the studio releases? I noticed at least one verse being different. I especially liked his comments about the tempo during the performance. That was funny. Does anyone know if he was being serious?