Little Chalkie, Live 1983

Source: 16 Sep 1983, Red Parrot, Perth, Australia Cassette

True Believers fan Roger typed out some Hunters articles for us in ripping time, so I asked him for anything he could find of interest as a rarity. Roger responded: “I am fascinated by Fireman’s Curse… Call it morbid curiousity, but demos, outtakes or live versions of any of it would be curious and truly rare… My favorite album is probably Jaws of Life. Any outtakes from that record would be great.

So here’s one for you. It appears that a song that we associate with The Jaws of Life originated a little bit earlier. We hereby present a Fireman’s Curse era live recording of Little Chalkie. This is a corker. Please note the quality here is not as good as may eventuate later – it’s from a cassette.

Check it out in CD quality FLAC and 256kbps mp3 (in a zip file).

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