Imaginary Girl, Live Acoustic, 1992

Source: 23 November 1992, Live Acoustic on MMM Cassette

True Believers fan Tim has been helping us out with the articles, so it was time he got a song pick. Tim told us – “As far as rare tracks go, I wonder if you have any alternate (live, demo, whatever) versions of Imaginary Girl? I know it’s not too adventurous, but it’s the only H & C song my wife likes…”

As I was thinking of possibilities, all of a sudden a great quality recording of Imaginary Girl started playing on the tape I was recording. From 23 November 1993, it was from the MMM live to air acoustic session. Some tracks from this ended up as b-sides on the Australian Holy Grail single, but Imaginary Girl was left off it.

Check it out in CD quality FLAC and 256kbps mp3 (in a zip file).

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