Sixteen Tons, 1982

Source: 1982 09 19 Stranded, Sydney, Australia Cassette

This week’s ‘From the Vault’ is for Tammy, who has been giving us a hand with the articles. Tammy’s request started off innocently enough – “So have you come across any covers?”

The execution was more difficult. Mark has an album of covers on the way, so this is already a hot area. Furthermore, Hunters just did not do a lot of covers, and most of the ones that they have done are known (I Believe, Crime of Passion, Stuck On You etc).

So we had to dig deep for this one… and found a live cover of Sixteen Tons, an American folk song that dates back to 1946. This cover is from the 19th of September 1982, at Stranded in Sydney. This is obscure early Hunters on an unusual tangent.

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