Long Walk Home, live 1983

Source: 18 September 1983, Floreat Hotel, Perth, Australia Cassette

As the band slowly fell apart following The Fireman’s Curse in 1983, creative tensions can be heard dragging the party in two directions – perhaps a form of Birthday Party versus X battle. The latter approach, which eventually won out and resulted in the cracking The Jaws Of Life, can be seen in it’s formative stages in late The Fireman’s Curse era live recordings.

Long Walk Home is an unreleased track from those crossroads between The Fireman’s Curse and The Jaws Of Life. Thematically, it sits alongside The Way To Go Out and Carry Me off Jaws, it’s catchy enough that it has been in my head all week, yet it’s still odd enough to be The Fireman’s Curse material.

This is for the numerous masochists requesting Fireman’s Curse live material. You need this track! 🙂

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