Dog Songs & Small Moments of Glory Arrive!

Dog Songs

Jack Howard is back with a cracking new Long Lost Brothers album, Dog Songs, and his book of reflections on life and music, Small Moments of Glory.

From the man himself:

Dog Songs is a “best of” our Dogs Bar St. Kilda residency (now into its fourth year). We play there once a month on a Sunday and it has really led to the re-generation of The Brothers (and a Sister) and of my own music. It’s a dancing crowd but also a listening one and the punters love the originals as much as the cheesy covers that we occasionally break into.

All tracks were recorded late 2019/early 2020 at Hothouse Audio with Craig Harnath and Gez Giddings. Craig also mixed and mastered them.

The band has grown from strength to strength over this time. Cal McAlpine plays drums, Rob Walker plays bass, Ed Bates plays pedal steel, Nicky Del Rey plays guitars, sings backing vocals and sings lead here on Sharp-Dressed Man; and Fiona Lee Maynard plays percussion, sings backing vocals and sings lead here on Red Rose and Coz I Love You. Amy Valent Curlis, our unofficial second sister, plays congas, hubcaps, castanets and various bits of metal. I sing and play trumpet and flugel horn.

Some of these songs are brand new. Some are old favourites going right back to the first steps I took into a solo career post-H & C. I wrote all of them except for Frankenstein (Gary Burgess), Coz I Love You (Noddy Holder and Jim Lea from Slade), Who Is He (Bill Withers) and Sharp-Dressed Man (ZZ Top).

Both Dog Songs and Small Moments of Glory can be picked up at Bandcamp.

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