Slow Dawn Rises



Mark Seymour reflects on stories from the past while they form our present and future in his new album, Slow Dawn.

Check out the videos for Night Driving, The Whole World Is Dreaming and Kliptown Mud!

Eleven new classics ready to rock your life:

  1. Night Driving
  2. Kliptown Mud
  3. Against My Will
  4. Applewood Road
  5. The Demon Rum
  6. The Ones Who Got Away
  7. How the West Was Won
  8. Slow Dawn
  9. The Dogs of Williamstown
  10. Joanna
  11. The Whole World Is Dreaming

Check out Slow Dawn at:

Note: CD copies have been printed but will not be found in stores at this stage. CD copies are being provided free with certain concert ticket purchases (see the details of the Never Again tour with James Reyne) and should be available for sale at gigs.

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