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Desert Where Her Heart Is live

Source: 1993 08 07 Prince of Wales, St Kilda, Soundcheck T2 Cassette. A very rare live demo of Desert Where Her Heart Is, which later appeared on 1994’s Demon Flower album!

I Couldn’t Give It To You live

Source: 1986 05 22 Enmore Theatre, Sydney VHS PCM. Here is a later┬álive recording of I Couldn’t Give It To You, originally found on 1984’s The Jaws of Life album…!

Wilderness live

Source: 1989 01 26 Sydney Cove Cavern, Sydney, Australia T2 Cassette. Wilderness is an early version of Love All Over Again, which later appeared on 1989’s Ghost Nation album… ­čÖé

Do You See What I See? extended mix

Source: Australian┬áDo You See What I See 12″ single. Hunters and Collectors 1987 hit, Do You See What I See?, as only those with the original Australian 12″ vinyl single have heard it… the extended mix!

Suit Your Style single edit

Source: Suit Your Style CD single. A lighter, poppier edit of Suit Your Style, the only commercial single from Hunters and Collectors final album, Juggernaut ­čÖé

Tender demo

Source: 1993 12 Demon Flower Roughs T2 Cassette. Here is a demo version of Tender from 1994’s Demon Flower album! This version is fully formed with an additional 41 seconds and much more… Tender is one of very few songs that we had┬ánot yet covered in our Vault series (!).

Ghost Nation original mix

Source: 1989 Ghost Nation Original Mixes Cassette. This week we are pleased to provide the last of the six original Ghost Nation album mixes – the title track Ghost Nation! Keen followers of the vault should now have them all – the other tracks being Blind Eye, When The River Runs Dry, The Way You more ┬╗

Now and Forever demo

Source: 1991 04 21 Cut Demos VHS PCM. The creative process that led to 1992’s Cut album spawned more songs that missed the album than made it! Here’s a concept lost along the way… Now and Forever.

The Jetsonnes – Money live

Source: 1980 Jetsonnes Advertisements and Perf T2 Cassette. Before Hunters, there were The Jetsonnes… here’s an unreleased track, Money, recorded live in 1980!

Mark Seymour – Wrecking Ball live

Source: 1999 07 16-17 Continental Hotel, Melbourne, Australia CD. Wrecking Ball is a song that Mark Seymour performed live back around 1999 and 2000 that did not make it onto the One Eyed Man album… don’t worry – this predates the other Wrecking Ball song!