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Throw Your Arms Around Me 1990

Source: Collected Works (1990 Aus CD release). The final recorded studio audio version of Throw Your Arms Around Me has long been out of print but is still often heard on the radio… a fitting way to finish off our Vault series, which started back in July 2012 following the generous opening of the archives more »

Relief live

Source: 1986 09 28 The Venue, St Kilda, Melbourne VHS PCM. Our second last Vault track in the series is a cracking live recording of Relief from the Human Frailty album, lovingly converted from digital VHS tape for our enjoyment 🙂

Who’s On Left?

Source: 1986 Throw Your Arms Around Me (Aus 7 – Fenech). Our third last track in the Vault series is an obscure track originally hidden away on the 1986 Australian Throw Your Arms Around Me 7″ single. Titled “Who’s On Left?”, it contains inane studio banter and may be a regret…

Mark Seymour – You Don’t Have To Cry Anymore live

Source: 1997 10 04 Mark (with Nick), Govenor Hindmarsh, Adelaide, Australia DAT. As we wind down the Vault, we present a live recording of an early fan favourite from Mark’s solo career, You Don’t Have to Cry Anymore. Extra special here is Nick Seymour’s bass playing (Nick is Mark’s brother). Fantastic!

Mark Seymour – Walk Through Fire live

Source: Port Fairy Folk Festival (7 Mar 09) CD. We have only two weeks of the Vault to go after this weekend… and this weekend we present two stunning Mark Seymour solo recordings. This first one is a heartfelt live rendition of Walk Through Fire, from 2007’s Westgate album. This is magnificent.

Beehive live

Source: 1982 04 03 Stage Door, Adelaide, Australia T2 Cassette. The second of two Vault tracks this week is what we believe to be the last fully formed live track recorded but never published… it’s from the same time that other Fireman’s Curse songs were appearing, including Eggheart and Fish Roar. Aficionados of the era more »

Alligator Engine live practice

Source: 1981 06 18 Band Practice, Ballroom, Melbourne T2 Cassette. The first of two Vault tracks this week as we near the end of our Vault journey… a very early band practice of Alligator Engine, a track that later appeared on the 1982 debut self titled album. The mixing is all over the shop… we more »

Nightmare Machine demo

Source: 1991 04 01 Cut Demos DAT. A complete song from the Cut sessions that never eventuated… apologies for the two minor glitches!

The Jetsonnes – Keep Our Fingers Crossed live

Source: 1980 06 Jetsonnes – Richmond Cassette. Here is a live track from The Jetsonnes, which later split and morphed into Hunters and Collectors… 🙂

Lazy Summer Day acoustic

Source: The Way You Live CD single. A rare acoustic version of Lazy Summer Day from the 1990 CD single “The Way You Live” 🙂